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Who we are

ISI’s SQLRx division focuses on optimizing performance and capacity of SQL Server environments. A unique SaaS offering, SQLRx goes well beyond traditional monitoring tools which might indicate a problem. SQLRx identifies root causes and gives specific steps to remediate. Developed by two widely published subject matter experts, Jeffry Schwartz (30+ years of system analysis) and Lori Brown (20+ years of system administration), SQLRx has been used by leading software publishers to optimize their applications, as well as over 700 end-user clients to tune and maintain their SQL Server environments.

SQLRx comes in two offerings:

  • A SQL server assessment using our award winning WinPerf® application, for quick debugging and tuning of SQL Server environments
  • RemoteDBA®, a monthly subscription service to maintain environments at a fraction of the cost of a full-time DBA

A SQLRx assessment encompasses the complete SQL Performance Tuning analysis of a SQL Server. Our analysis will cover the capacity and utilization levels related to hardware components (processors, memory, disk, network cards) as well as confirm the proper configuration and performance of each. The analysis will also review all SQL Server databases present on the server in depth, looking for any errors, recompiles, or warnings, as well as long running queries and index optimization.

SQLRx Team

Lori Brown,
sqlrx practice
Lori is a SQLRx Senior Consultant with more than 20 years of IT experience in SQL Server Administration and performance tuning. She is also a respected speaker, instructor and contributing author to SQL Server Magazine and SQLServerCentral.com as well as an avid blogger.
Jeff Schwartz,
sr. systems
Jeff has over 35 years of experience in server performance tuning and has concentrated on SQL Server for the last 15 years. He is a respected author, instructor, and speaker at many venues including the Computer Measurement Group International conference, and has conducted almost 1,000 performance studies.
Ginger Keys,
Ginger has 20 years of experience in IT administration and education, specializing in SQL server maintenance, configuration, and high availability/disaster recovery. She is also a frequent blogger on the SQLRx Blog.
John Cavner,
John was one of the founders of Integrated Services, Inc. in 1985. His experience with different systems and an emphasis in improving an organization’s performance make him uniquely qualified to help companies turn data into profit.
Lori Adams,
vice president
Lori has over 20 years of experience in sales and sales leadership. She has interfaced with companies of all sizes from many industries over the years and is extremely focused on servicing the needs of her clients.
Suzanne Kocurek,
director of
Suzanne has 25 years of technology marketing experience in the computer hardware and software industries, and manages the DFW Business Intelligence Community, which ISI founded.
Lisa Dominy,
Lisa is an experienced IT sales specialist with over 15 years experience. She has worked with Microsoft, Dell, and SoftwareOne as a sales and licensing specialist. Her focus on the Microsoft Suite and its integration with other software is helping her grow the SQLRx brand nationally while adding more satisfied clients.


Clients say

RemoteDBA has been a tremendous help …. filled-in a void, and we’re running smoothly now.
We've just celebrated our second year-end without serious SQL Server problems. The index tuning suggestions made greatly improved the performance ... efforts can be felt throughout ...
You steered us in the right direction!!!! The EFT process went from 6-7+ hours [down] to 10 minutes in PRODUCTION. WOW!


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